Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements


Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements is a non-destructive method of a hull screening, which directly influences the level of safety of the vessel, staff and cargo. Following certain accidents connected with the corrosion cracking, Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements has been compiled and introduced by the Classification Societies as an inseparable and compulsory element of the Class and Intermediate Surveys.

During class inspection, the Classification Societies Inspector performs a close-up survey which along with Thickness Measurements can lead to steel repair. As a result, the time of the repair of the vessel and its halt in the dock are prolonged. This may cause directly to increasing the costs of the repair, connected also to more invasive and extensive overhaul.

As the company present on the market constantly for over 17 years, guided by experience and knowledge, we offer You to perform the measurements, in accordance with the classifier’s directives, before the vessel enters the repair dock.

Such measures allow inspect of the major parts of the vessel, as it is required by the rules and regulations. They also allow preparing a detailed specification of the repair, the steel tonnage with the precise list of elements which require to be fixed or repaired. The overhaul of the vessel, the time of the close-down and the repair costs are then planned more accurately.

Our highly experienced and trained engineering staff guarantees quick and effective inspection and thickness measurements, simultaneously pinpointing the current state of the hull. The final result of the inspection is a preparation of a measuring report and a potential repair specification, which both allow estimating the overhead costs of the repair. The measurements can be taken globally- in docks, harbours and on the sea.

We posses all necessary qualifications and approvals, as well as the Health and Safety Trainings on the units gauged, especially in closed space (ballast tanks etc.)